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Monday, February 22, 2010

We Found a Farmer's Market

Our first full day on the island, and we stumbled across a farmer's market. This particular site is only a quick scenic walk from where we are staying. We have a small kitchen, so I was careful with what we bought, but it was indeed an experience...

Beautiful peppers... VERY hot
These were next to the ginger root. I can not remember what they are called, but you are supposed to cut a nub off and rub on skin abrasions, bug bites, etc.


Not for me yet, still not an islander I guess.

And ginger root

Lots of varieties of greens... Beautiful cabbage, collard greens, bok choy, Spinach (which we bought for a salad).

We also bought some cherry tomatoes, green peppers...

And something called "lemon Basil". We got a lesson in tea making. Later today, I will be making lemon basil tea. We also got a lesson in saving the seeds so we can grow our own.

I was in hog heaven! This particular market happens every other week, so we were fortunate to find it when we did.

It is an interesting island. At the market, we found many folks that used to live in the states and have moved here. Prices for everything is higher than in the states. About half the tables at the market were manned by statesiders selling items to help make ends meet. An example is bread... $6 for a "wonder" bread" type loaf, and $7 for a specialty bread... to much higher.

Maybe in a month, the master baker will be selling his wares

Here's some website links...
There is a website that lists Farmer's Market in the Islands...

We found a very nice lady from Ohio who has started a business selling RUM CAKES (she does mail order). Slices of her cake were our breakfast, we found a little coffee shop and ate Auntie's rum cake slices along the peer.
Auntie's Rum Cakes


  1. I love your new blog! Can't wait to read all about your foodie adventures on the island!! :)

  2. Love it! Am looking forward to some island recipes! Cheers, mon ami!

  3. it almost looks like tumeric - the one that looks like ginger but it isnt - is it a little yellow?

  4. Looking forward to the new creations you'll come up with!

  5. Isn't that stuff Galangal? Love the photos, keep em coming.

  6. rum cake for breakfast... yeah that will jump start yer day! WHOOO!

    I do lemon balm tea also... and I grow it... I don't usually use the flowers tho... are you? Do you dry it? I do... Just seeing if its different.

  7. i think its so exciting to see your new digs, a far cry from kansas for sure!

  8. I did not realize that you had a separate blog for your island adventures-Whew! This six month stint is going to be an awesome experience even if it will cost you twice as much to eat.

    I think you should really consider selling some of your treats from stateside at the farmers market......Oh, I can already see your future post.

  9. Great new blog, Dave! Looking forward to reading about your new adventures, island-style.