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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cuzzin's Caribbean Restaurant & Bar

Here is something rare... A business without a website.  But, when you enter Cuzzin's, you are taken back to another time anyway...

Located in a former livery stable and cook shack, the historic building is at the edge of Charlotte Amalie's shopping area.  Just four blocks in from the shoreline, and a block from the jewelry and T-shirt shops that attract the cruise ships, Cuzzin's is a great stop for lunch.

Air conditioned (a BIG plus in the afternoon), with an authentic Caribbean menu, decorated nicely; you will enjoy all the amenities that separates Cuzzin's from the tourist bars that surround the shops.

The building has been wonderfully restored, with many modern accents.  Just enough history to make the building feel authentic, and just enough accents to make the building beautiful, functional and comfortable... Did I mention air conditioned?  Almost no restaurants are.

The pace is relaxed.  The bar is well stocked, and the drink menu is old school authentic with just enough colorful rum drinks to make you want to slow the pace even more.

But the star of the show is the authentic Caribbean style menu...

Our party enjoyed Conch Fritters, fried Plantains, Sweet Potato fluff, Creole stuffed Lobster, and their specialty... a Cuzzin Nemo — a melange of shrimp, lobster, conch and scallops in sauce over pasta.

I had to give the BBQ Ribs a try... they even added some excellent BBQ Chicken Thighs.

Charlotte Amalie is the shopping district.  It is also the starting point for the cruise ship tourists.  There are plenty of open air fun bar type places.  Cuzzin's is a step above, excellent local flavor, and local cuisine.  Historic setting and AIR CONDITIONED.  If you are planning a day of shopping instead of beach hopping, or if you take one of the couple hour island tours in the morning... Cuzzin's is an excellent place to stop for lunch and to relax before hopping back on the boats!


  1. Awesome. The food looks really good. A good authentic local place.

  2. What a great looking spot. I love the great brick work! That first dish looks excellent!

  3. This looks like my kind of place - YUMMY!!

  4. Found this gem of a restaurant while we were cruising the islands in decembwr. Great food and great service, the rum cake was to die for!!!!If anyone can they me how to order one that would be greatly appreciated. Please post on bllg