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Monday, April 5, 2010

Duffy's Love Shack... Red Hook - My neighborhood bar

Is there anything more boring than looking at someone else's vacation pictures?

Like I said yesterday, this week we are entertaining our first guests.  My wife's favorite aunt and her cousin (David and Becky shown above) are giving us locals a chance to be tourists for the week.  Taking the organized island tours, watching them haggle with the vendors (and then we swoop in and get a local's discount for them), snorkeling and sunning have been on my agenda all week... Almost no cooking, and what little cooking I am doing, I am repeating recipes.  So, content for the blog has been light.

BUT, no trip to our corner of paradise would be complete without a stop at my favorite dive bar and grill... Duffy's Love Shack!

Literally, it is located in a parking lot  in the Red Hook area of St Thomas (closest "town" to us).  It is our go to bar for a fun time.

Just so you don't think I have forgotten that this is a food blog...

Blackened chicken nachos (above)... A little of everything (including a few SURPRISE hot peppers!

Some kind of crappy health food salad that my cousin-in-law loved (how healthy can it be with a half cup of sour cream and a cup of guacamole on it???)

Personally... Their Blue Cheese burgers are the best on the island!  A little bacon (of course bacon!) just to set the mood!

But I guess when you get down to it... This is what sets the mood...

The infamous DUFFY's SHARK TANK... 64 ounces of Booze (and a little fruit juice)!   Served in a fish bowl with straws for everybody!

And just in case there was not enough booze in the Fish Tank, Jackie wanted her signature, Lime in the Coconut (which I have spent many nights trying to replicate, but always seem to be just a shade short)...

Have you ever been charged $9 for a strawberry daiquiri?  At least when you order a $9 daiquiri at Duffy's, they let you keep the parrot glass (Jackie's Cousin's Daughter not included)...

Even the favorite aunt gets to go home with a logo beer mug when she ordered a virgin daiquiri...

Yes, they made fun of me for a bit for photographing the food... Then the fancy glasses arrived and everyone was photographing the food...

Even people from other tables were photographing our shark tank...

That is a shark inside our drink...

When in St Thomas, don't miss Duffy's Love Shack... Best dive bar set up in a parking lot I have ever been to!


  1. Looks like a blast! So glad that you are enjoying yourself! Let the good times roll, cher!

  2. Oh my word, that Shark Tank drink is a crack up! That burger is awesome!

  3. My all time favorite "must do" while on the way to visiting St.John is to stop in and devour Duffy's Sweet & tangy Fiji Wings-
    They're my soul-crushers!!!

  4. Never set foot on St. Thomas. Yet.
    we have a 1-way trip set to go in the next month or so to St. Thomas. I now wait for my company to give me the very last reason to leave. We sold the house,cars, all assets that are liquid. The money has been moved to an off shore secure banking system. By our calculations: if we live to be 95+ (we are in our early 50's) we will run out of money at the rate of ($80k/year).
    We have 5 grown children thinking we just might be leaving them a nice little nest egg. They are correct....we are leaving them....Love them All...Leave them all....

  5. The fresh fish tacos are to die for as well as the numerous drinks available...

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