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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coconuts Bar and Grill in Downtown St Thomas

Coconuts is a little hard to find.  It is just a quarter block off of Main street in downtown Charlotte Amalie, tucked in behind a Subway Sandwich shop (what kind of person would go to an exotic location and eat at a fast food franchise restaurant??? But I digress).  But, it is indeed worth the hunt.

Jackie and I went there during her lunch hour.  It was recommended by a local.  Real food, cooked fast served fast and very very tasty... no need for fast food.

I ordered the shrimp scampi, and Jackie ordered a fish (sandwich) and chips.  Came with a little extra bread and it was indeed a fine lunch.

The bar had a nice whimsy look to it, dollar bills with messages from fans were tacked on teh wall near photos and memorabelia for most of the temas in teh NFL and MLB.

Lots of Navy hats tacked to the ceiling and a bookcase full of booze (that is a trend I am seeing down here, been to a few homes and everyone keeps a bookcase full of boose)!

Highly recommended, convenient to shopping, very close to where the cruise ships let out.  Inexpensive (both our meals were under $10 each), made fresh to order and both were exceptionally tasty!

 Look close, in the center is the bookcase full of booze.


This is the ceiling.

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  1. Don't forget to create space in your new abode for your bookcase full of booze too.

  2. Tell me a little about that shrimp scampi... it looks a little orange in that photo and you didn't ever tell me if you did indeed get a new camera.

  3. Hum.....A bookcase full of booze. You may be on to something!!!

  4. Huh, who woulda thunk it? A bookcase full of booze is just another way to get that Island look at home. :) I LIKE IT! I love those lil island bars, so much fun and atmosphere.

  5. Such a fun looking little place! I just happen to have 7 bookcases lining the back wall of my family room - just think of the fun I can have! ;-)