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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Greetings, and who doesn't love a great happy hour!

Great food, great prices and with Wikked, comes a GREAT VIEW as well.  Wikked Waterside Shack and Bar is located in the Yacht Haven Grande collection of upscale stores and eateries.  It is beautifully decorated in wicker island style, complete with lots of greenery to make you feel comfortable.  For sure, one of the stars of Wikked is the setting.  Easy views of the harbor with lots of private yachts and always a view of the cruise ships that come daily ot ST Thomas.  It is a joy just to sit outside and enjoy watching the "other half" walk sail by.

But just as nice is to relaxe in the cool circulated air of the dining area.

But for me, the star is the happy hour menu served in the bar from 4 to 6 PM.... In specific, their chicken wings.  They offer 4 flavors of sauces,  
RUM & COKE with caramelized onion mojo
with creamy dill
with roasted tomato thyme
with bleu cheese buttermilk 

I am addicted to the Pineapple Jerk.  A little sweet, and little heat and a perfect mix,  The wings are perfectly cooked, just a bit crispy.  the happy hour price is $0.75 each (oredered in groups of 5), and well worth the price.  If you are coming to the island, Yacht Harbor Grande is one of those places that everyone gets to.  Plan a trip to Wikked for the wings,
Beers are $2 each, Rum drinks (including maragrettas) are $3 each and they also offer fish, chicken or pork tacos. for $2.

Kackie ordered a Cuban...

Pressed sandwich with roast pork, ham, dill pickles, swiss
cheese and yellow mustard

This was my first chance to sample "JEROME's HOT SAUCE".  It is a vinegar based HOT sauce with lots of little bits floating around... Excellent if you like the heat.  Will try a bottle of my own soon.

And stick around to watch the boats light up and the cruise ships depart... All part of the show and entertainment of HAPPY HOUR at Wikked!


  1. Lovin' all the photos on these two additional blogs! I just made a jerk pork roast night night - have pressed cubans on the menu for tonight with some of the leftovers.
    Have fun! How could you not? :-)

  2. Love how you are getting out and really exploring the Island... great times!