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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey look... no rum today...

This is an alcoholic version of a very popular non-alcoholic drink served on the golf courses of America.  Named for my generation's "greatest living golfer", if you order an Arnold Palmer at any 19th hole, you will get an equal mixture of Lemonade and sweet Tea... No booze.

A year or so ago, the good folks at FIREFLY VODKA created an infused Vodka.  Not infused with Peach or lemon like the other guys did, Team FIREFLY (good ol' Carolina boys) infused their mama's sweet tea with their daddy's vodka.  Tastes great straight up, but it was only a matter of time before someone would "dirty" up the Arnold Palmer drink.

Sure enough, the "Dirty Arnie" has become a very popular drink on the Islands.  It is on most menus, and all the bartenders know it well.

Straight up, it is

3 ounces FIREFLY Sweet Tea Vodka
3 ounces Lemonade
served in a rocks glass

Also shown above, a frozen version,

add 1 heaping cup of ice and use your ice crusher setting on your blender.

I tried really hard to come up with a Tiger Woods joke that would go with this drink... Nothing outstanding, so I will just hoist a Dirty Arnie and wish him well.

These are best when you go out your back door, walk 30 yards to the beach, snorkel around the coral for an hour after your inconvenient day job, come back and sit on your deck.  Since it is only 2 ingredients, it is very easy and quick to  make.

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  1. No fair, you're having more fun than me!!!
    Great drink! Cheers!