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Monday, March 15, 2010


Over the weekend, we took the ferry for the short boat trip to neighboring Virgin island, ST JOHN!  ST John is mostly a national park, but with incredible beaches, great places to hike, 4,000 wonderful residents and 400 asses in residence (There is a large group of wild donkeys roaming the park); St John is also a near perfect tourist destination.

The ferry drops you off at the only town on the island.  Bay side restaurants, jewelry stores, tee shirt shacks and one very special store (for me) greet everyone as you debark (disembark???) the ferry.

The ST JOHN SPICE CO is paradise in paradise... Shelves upon shelves upon table displays upon table displays of spices, teas, coffees, hot sauces, a few cooking supplies, coffee mugs, tee shirts and beach supplies.  But mostly, I was there to see the spices, and they did not disappoint.

What I really appreciated was the prepackaged spice mixes.  Grilling rubs and Jerk spices were a highlight for me and I certainly did not leave the island without them.

Their website...  handles mail order for you land locked souls (and for me in 5 months and a week ;(

But also a really fun thing, they have the ST JOHN SPICE CAM set up.  So, you too can enjoy all the folks visiting the island.

And just in case you think I sobered up during my short little jaunt to ST JOHN, here is an original rum recipe for you.  We are naming this the...


in honor of our trip to ST JOHN.  The ferry was fun, very scenic, but it makes hourly trips to the island, so cleanliness was not it's priority.  Much like this drink.  It uses Cruzan rum cream, which makes the drink just a little dirty looking  It has cream to symbolize a smooooooth sailing (and a smooth drink).  It has a couple of kinds of rum to show add a sense of anticipation on what the new island mixture will bring.  And it has a banana because I like bananas...

Here's what I did...

2 ounces CRUZAN Rum Cream
2 ounces CRUZAN Coconut Rum
2 ounces Cream (I had a bit left, so I made a milkshake thick drink, "regular" milk would work as well)
1 banana

Mix in a blender and serve over ice for a cocktail

or add a cup of ice to the blender and serve as a frozen drink!


  1. Oh my. Since I love choc martinis, I'm sure I would LOVE this drink. Sounds (and looks!) divine.

    I love the looks of that lil store too.

    I had a big interview lined up at Spirit Aerosystems (Wichita) this Weds. They cancelled it today, hired within for the position. I was crushed and cried my eyeballs out this morning... right now, I could hop on a plane for ANY tropical isle without hesitation! A one-way ticket no less.

  2. What! No corned beef and cabbage?????? My corned beef and cabbage are cooking away in the crock pot as I type. It smells soooooooo good! Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day and come join me for Crock Pot Wednesday if you can. Surely there's a slow cooker ---you can stretch it for a "slow cooked" grill recipe if you want---recipe in you:) How's life?

  3. Hi fellow Kansan! I moved to St. Thomas in September 2008 and love it! St. John Spice is one of my fave places EVER. I could spend hours in there! Glad to be following your blog!

  4. wow, my duaghter still lives on st John,works at St John spice, I left in spring, 2010, and lived in KC for 14 years, small world. who wrote this btw? (maybe we've met in another world, haha)